Adult Swim Clinics

Adult learn-to-swim/coaching sessions are being offered in January and February!  Improve your stroke or just become an all around better swimmer.  We will offer three different levels of instruction all at the same time: 
1. Water Adjustment - Beginner 
2. Skill Development - Intermediate
3. Skill Refinement - Advanced  

Click here to register online or stop by the TRAC front desk to enroll.    Cost is $10/clinic for members and $15/clinic for non-members.

Aquatics at TRAC has something for everyone!  Within our Activity Pool, Lesson Pool and Spa, we offer a variety of swimming programs including Water Aerobics, Lap Swim and Open Swim.  Our 3 pools are all ADA compliant and guarded by a fully trained Lifeguard staff. 

Aquatics Area includes:

Activity Pool:

  • Zero depth entry play area including geysers, dump bucket, slide and playable water features. During water classes, 1-2 lap lanes and the Play Structure may be unavailable.
  • Zero depth entry ramp with water wheelchair available upon request
  • Three-lane lap pool can comfortably accommodate many swimmers using the circle-swim pattern. Lap lane length is 71ft or 23.66 yards or 21.64 meters.
  • Climbing wall with deep water drop zone
  • Lazy river and Vortex can be enjoyed either with or without a tube
  • Two 40-foot slides, including the blue body slide and the yellow tube slide, which accommodates both single and double tubes.  Slides are for use by all guests over 4 feet tall
  • Average temperature 82˚ F

Lesson Pool:

  • Shallow-stair entry with gentle slope to a maximum of 3.5 feet
  • Lift available upon request
  • Ideal for pre-school learn to swim program & others needing the warmer water
  • Average temperature 88˚ F


  • Accommodates up to 11 people
  • Average temperature 102˚ F

Dry Sauna:

  • Co-ed sauna accommodates up to 22 people
  • Appropriate attire includes swim wear and light workout clothing.  Layered clothing or using the sauna to cut weight is not permitted.  
  • Guests must be dry to enter sauna 

Aquatics Programs:

Lap Swim:

During Lap Swim times, the 3 lap lanes are protected to allow for full utilization of the lap lane area.  Other areas of the activity pool may be available for use during Lap Swim times. During water classes, 1-2 lanes and the Play Structure may be unavailable.

Open Swim:

For all ages. Children 9 and over may use the pool unsupervised; 8 and under must be under active adult supervision at all times. All areas of the pool open. See pool schedule for Big Slide times.

Big Slides:

For anyone over 48 inches (4 feet) tall. Blue slide is a body slide. Yellow slide is a tube slide for 1 or 2 person tubes.

Water Aerobics:

Water aerobics uses the natural resistance and buoyancy of water to provide a wide variety of low-impact conditioning activities. Water exercise helps increase your energy, stamina and strength. Before starting an aerobics routine or class, check with your health care professional. Participants may bring and use their own water shoes and gloves.  Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  Non-swimmers are welcome!

Pool Closures:

We may need to restric access to our pools for a variety of reasons.  Scheduled closures will be communicated in advance using internal signage, social media and email newsletters and will always be as brief as possible.  Unscheduled closures may be a result of an accident in the pool, equipment malfunction, weather, etc.  We will do everything we can to communicate the closure as soon as possible, including when you can expect to have access again. 

Swim Attire: Appropriate swim attire is required in all of our pools.  This includes swim suits/trunks purchased from the swim department.  All clothing worn in the pools must be made of a synthetic material such as polyester, lycra or nylon.  COTTON is not allowed. This includes undergarmets, t-shirts, athletic shorts, etc



  • Open Swim/Lap Swim 5:30am – 7:30am
  • Open Swim 9:00am - 1:00pm
  • Water Aerobics 9:00am-9:45am, 10:00-10:45am (Mon, Wed) 10:00-10:45am (Fri)
  • Aqua Zumba 9:00am-5:30pm - 6:15pm (Tues), 9:45am (Fri)
  • Open Swim 4:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Water Aerobics 5:30pm - 6:15pm (Thurs)
  • Big Slides 6:30pm – 8:00pm (Wed, Fri)


  • Open Swim 7:00am – 6:00pm
  • Big Slides 1:00pm – 6:00pm


  • Open Swim 1:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Big Slides 1:00pm – 6:00pm

Lap lanes will be available throughout the day except while Big Slides are running and may be unavailable during swim lesson and class times.  

The Lesson Pool will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 1:00pm - 6:00pm.  It will be open other times of the day/week when we are able. Feel free to ask a Lifeguard to open the pool if they are able.

Pool Rules:

Always obey our lifeguards

  • Everyone must shower before entering pools.
  • All children under 9 must be under direct adult supervision.
  • No food or gum allowed in pool areas and locker room.
  • Water only, in non-breakable bottles are welcome.
  • No glass containers allowed in the pool area.
  • Swim diapers required for anyone not fully potty trained.
  • Please Walk. Do Not Run.
  • Only proper swim attire allowed - no street clothes will be permitted. No Exceptions.
  • Feet first entries.  No Diving.
  • No rough or disruptive play
  • Life jackets must fit properly and be coast guard approved.
  • Children wearing life jackets must be within arm's reach of supervising adult at all times.  If your child is in the water, you must be too.
  • Please return equipment to its proper place.
  • Stay off walls and lane ropes.
  • Please don't distract or visit with lifeguards.

TRAC reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the safety and the best interest of everyone.

Swim Lessons:

Our philosophy for swim lessons is that as we gain comfort in the water, our confidence increases, we start to have fun and then we have a willingness to try new things.  This process is true throughout the entire span of our lives, so learning to swim can begin at any time.

We offer private, semi-private and group swim lessons.  

Private (1:1) swim lessons are scheduled directly with the instructor and are designed to meet your individual goals.  These goals are as varied as our guests and could be the basics of learning to swim, stroke refinement, or conditioning as examples.

Semi-private (1:2 or 1:3) swim lessons are scheduled directly with the instructor. You designate the participants and also set the goals for the group.  The instructor will work with each student at their own level.

Group swim lessons at TRAC will be led by certified Water Safety Instructors and Aides.  Pre-school ages will have a maximum instructor to student ratio of 1:4 and levels 1-6 will be 1:6. 

Swim Lessons Descriptions:

Parent and Child
Designed for children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years, and their parents/guardians. The purpose of the course is to familiarize children with the water and teach swimming readiness skills. In addition, the class provides safety information for parents and teaches parents techniques they can use to help orient their children to the water. This class is about being wet and having fun! (Parents/adults will be in the water with the child).

Level 1
Level 1 Pre-K is designed for 3-4 year olds,  Level 1 is for children ages 5 and over.  Orients participants to the aquatic environment to help them gain basic water skills. In addition, they start learning about how to be safe around water. In this level. they learn how to be completely wet and comfortable with their faces in the water. Start here if your swimmer is not yet comfortable with their face in the water and needs support with front and back floats.

Level 2
Participants begin to perform skills independently and gain propulsive skills on both the front and the back. At the successful completion of this level students can float and swim on both front and back without assistance.  Start here if your swimmer is comfortable with their face in the water, but not yet able to get into back and/or front floats by themselves.

Level 3
Participants are introduced to more strokes and gain more proficiency in the water. They are able to swim longer distances and at successful completion, they will have practiced with skills used in an aquatic emergency. Start here if your swimmer can float on their back and belly for 5-10 seconds each and are able to roll between the two without touching the bottom.

Level 4
Participants swim longer distances, perfect skills already learned and are introduced to new strokes. Start here if you swimmer can swim 15 yards on their front and back and tread water for 1 minute.

Level 5
Participants’ strokes are refined and distances increased. Start here if your swimmer can swim 25 yards on their front and back, 15 yards breaststroke, and tread water for 2 minutes.

Level 6
Participants gain confidence in 6 strokes (front crawl, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, back crawl and butterfly) and the class can be geared toward fitness or personal water safety.

Register for Group Swim Lessons here or at the TRAC front desk. Swim lessons are non-refundable and non-transferable.


  • Guests are encouraged to bring their own coast guard approved life jackets.  Inflatables and floatation swimwear are not allowed.
  • Life jackets are not allowed on the big water slides or on climbing wall.
  • Life jackets must be rinsed before entering the pool and are subject to lifeguard approval.
  • Guests may bring their own dive toys.  Inflatable or floating toys and balls of any type are not allowed.



TRAC provides the following standards to childcare centers and daycare providers when using the pool. These standards are provided by the National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education.

  • Supervision

    Constant and active supervision should be maintained when any child is in or around water (4). During any swimming/wading/water play activities where either an infant or a toddler is present, the ratio should always be one adult to one infant/toddler. The required ratio of adults to older children should be met without including the adults who are required for supervision of infants and/or toddlers. An adult should remain in direct physical contact with an infant at all times during swimming or water play (4). Whenever children thirteen months and up to five years of age are in or around water, the supervising adult should be within an arm’s length providing “touch supervision” (6). Touch supervision means keeping swimming children within arm’s reach and in sight at all times. The attention of an adult who is supervising children of any age should be focused on the child, and the adult should never be engaged in other distracting activities (4), such as talking on the telephone, socializing, or tending to chores.

    A lifeguard cannot be counted in the child:staff ratio.

  • Child:Staff Ratio
    • Infants (under 1 year old)              1:1
    • Toddlers  (1-2 years old)                1:1
    • Preschoolers  ( 3-5 years old)        4:1
    • School-age (6 years old and up)    6:1

If you have questions about our Aquatics programs, please contact Aquatics Supervisor, Nici Flann at or 701-952-8796.


Water Safety for Childcare Providers

We will be hosting a class on November 17th from 9:00-11:00am for Childcare Facilities to learn how to manage and supervise children around water and aquatic centers.  You'll learn the proper child/adult ratio's for swimming pools and this training qualifies for 2 hours through Growing Futures. Click here to register online or stop by the TRAC front desk to enroll and pay.  Price is $15/person