Capital Campaign

Building Community Campaign


On June 2, 2015, a special election referendum passed a 1% sales tax to generate $28.6 million for the first phase of construction of Two Rivers Activity Center. However, the community had identified an additional $12 million in the original project.


With the construction of Phase I well underway the Two Rivers Activity Center Advisory Committee established the Building Community Capital Campaign to support these additional needs, Phase II. The Campaign is chaired by Rachel Liechty and Marilyn Smyth.


Through community discussion and focus groups, the TRAC Advisory Committee prioritized the community’s needs and established the following campaign milestones;


Milestone One


$3 million toward the construction of outdoor water play features on the grounds of TRAC and $1 million in the Endowment Fund.


Milestone Two


$3 million toward the construction of additional indoor space on the TRAC facility to include a playground for toddlers/preschool aged children, racquetball/wallyball courts, climbing wall and $1 million in the Endowment Fund.


Milestone Three


$3 million toward the construction of an additional multi-purpose court in the TRAC gymnasium and $1 million in the Endowment Fund.


TRAC Endowment Fund


In December of 2015 an Endowment Fund was established to support the operations and maintenance of Two Rivers Activity Center into the future. This is a permanent fund established by donations whereby only the interest earned each year can be used. The principal amount of the gift remains intact and is invested for long-term growth. The Endowment Fund is an approved fund through the state of North Dakota allowing donors a 40% tax credit applied to your tax return to reduce the amount of taxes owed.


Ways to Give


Every gift to the Building Community Campaign is important and essential for reaching our goal. While your gift is a personal one, there are many options you might consider for your contribution;


  • Cash: Gifts in the form of cash, check, or electronic funds transfer.
  • Pledges: A signed pledge form allows the donor to plan ahead and extend their gift over a period of up to five years.
  • Life Insurance: Outright irrevocable gifts of life insurance policies with a value that can be converted into cash within the five-year pledge period shall be accepted by the campaign upon Board approval. There are also several ways in which your gift can commemorate the life of a loved one or friend, or recognize your business or organization.
  • Publicly traded securities: The campaign will gladly accept outright gifts of appreciated stock. Donated stock will be sold immediately upon receipt.
  • Non-publicly traded securities: Outright gifts of grain or stock will be accepted by the campaign and sold immediately upon receipt.
    Real Property: Gifts of real property (land, buildings, or other property) will be accepted by the campaign upon Board approval.


All donations will be recognized on the donor wall in the lobby of Two Rivers Activity Center. To the extent provided by law, your gift to TRAC, through the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, is tax deductible. A letter of confirmation of your pledge or contribution will be sent to you by mail.


Naming opportunities are available at all levels of giving. Please contact Amy Walters, Two Rivers Activity Center Facility Manager for more information.