Adventure Space

Adventure Space


Our Adventure Space is open!  The Adventure Space is on-site drop in care, available both morning and afternoon hours, for our TRAC members or guests with a day pass.


We provide care for your child ages 6 weeks and up to give you time to enjoy using TRAC.


Please see our guidelines below:

Adventure Space Hours

Pre – register with Guest Services at the front desk or call 952-8722.  Pre-registration is required.




Monday – Friday:
8:30 am – 11:30 am

Monday – Thursday:
4:00 pm – 7:30 pm


8:00am – Noon when available – call to make reservation ahead of time


Not available at this time.


  • Pre-registration is required.
  • We will take your childs temperature and you will need to answer a few Covid related questions before you can leave your child at the Adventure Space.
  • Pre-registration can be made 2 days prior; however, you cannot have a standing spot. You will need to register for each time you plan to need care.
  • Care is provided for a 2-hour maximum time. You MUST remain in the TRAC facility while your child/children are in our care.
  • You must complete the Adventure Space Care Sheet and check in and pay at the front desk prior to drop off.
  • Your child’s belongings must be labeled. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Your child must wear clean indoor shoes or socks. No bare feet
  • If your child becomes sick, disruptive or unruly you will be asked to pick your child up early.
  • Staff may need time for children to adjust or handle situations that arise. Staff will place a Stop sign at the check in desk. This indicates that extra time may be need before they can care for additional children.

Adventure Space Rates

Single Visit Member Single Visit Non-Member 12 Visit Punch Card Member Monthly Unlimited Member
1 child $3 $5 $30 $40
2 children $4.75 $8 $51 $65
3 children $6.50 $11 $72 $85

Adventure Space Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Adventure Space?
TRAC offers a supervised child watch service in our facility.  Parents/Guardians can purchase visits and have their child enjoy a play time during their workouts and time at TRAC.


Do I need to stay at TRAC when my child is using the Adventure Space?
You must remain on-site during the time your child uses our Adventure Space.


How do I sign up to use the Adventure Space?
Call the TRAC Guest Service desk at 701-952-8722 and let them know you want to use our space. They will ask for your child’s name, age as well as the date and time you plan to use Adventure Space. You can make reservations up to 2 days prior to when you plan to use the space.


How do I check in to use the Adventure Space?
Stop at the Guest Service desk to check in and purchase your childs visit.   You will receive a card to present to the Adventure Space Attendant showing you’ve paid. Bring your child to the Adventure Space and give the Attendant the card and sign in.


How long and often can I use the Adventure Space?
Your child can enjoy the Adventure Space for a maximum time of two hours per visit. You can purchase 2 visits per day if the Adventure Space is open both in the morning and evenings (weekdays).

(note we have a $10.00 per minute late pick up charge after your 2 hour time limit)


What supplies do I need for my child while in the Adventure Space?
If your child is in diapers we ask that you have a diaper bag with changing supplies, (diapers, wipes, clothes).   A snack or drink is appreciated if your child needs it. We are NOT a peanut free facility.  Children must wear socks during play time.


Can I join my child and play in the Adventure Space?
For safety reasons only TRAC staff are allowed in the Adventure Space.


Does the Adventure Space follow a curriculum or planned activities with the children?
We do not have specific activities planned. We offer a variety of toys, games and books for the children to engage in as they come and go at different times. We also have coloring and craft supplies that the children can create with.