TRAC Memberships

Two Rivers Activity Center offers youth, senior, individual and family memberships with Monthly or Annual payment options. A membership gives you full access to the facility.  We also offer daily guest passes and weekly passes.  Memberships can be purchased online or at the TRAC front desk.




Daily Enrollment Monthly Annual Pre Paid
Individual $10 $49 $49 $539
Family $25 $89 $89 $979
Youth (-21) $8 $39 $39 $429
Senior (65+) $8 $39 $39  $429

Fees listed above do not include tax.  A one time enrollment fee is charged at the time or purchase.

How to purchase a TRAC membership online

1. Select the type of membership you would like below and click on the Purchase button.  Your options are Family, Individual, Senior or Youth.


2.  Add the membership to your cart by clicking the green + sign


3. You will be asked to log in or create a new account.  If you are new to TRAC you will need to enter all your household information. Complete this entire section by adding all additional family members with birthdates and contact information.  If you have been a member in the past and can’t remember your username/password we can look up that information for you.  Give us a call at 701-952-8722.


4. Select the person to be the designated Head of Household.  If you are purchasing a youth membership you will need to have an adult listed as the head of household.


5. Enter your billing information.  You will have your choice of paying in full or automatic credit card or ACH payments.  Automatic withdrawals happen between the first and fifth of every month.


6.  Complete your purchase and pick up your membership cards at TRAC the first time you come to the facility!

4. Select the type of membership you would like to purchase. Your choices are;

Membership Types

TRAC Family Membership

This membership provides full access to the TRAC facility for two adults and their children under 21 years of age that live in the same household. Children ages 9 and under must have adult supervision.

TRAC Individual Membership

This membership provides full access to the TRAC facility for one individual between the ages of 21 and 64.

TRAC Senior Membership

This membership provides full access to the TRAC facility for one individual 65 years and older.  TRAC will accept senior benefit programs such as Silver Sneakers. If you participate in one of these programs it is recommended you call the front desk at 701-952-8722 or stop as your monthly payment option may be less than the $38 per month.

TRAC Summer College Pass

This membership provides full access to the TRAC facility for one college student from 90 days of purchase over the summer months. Must show student ID upon purchase at the TRAC facility or when picking up membership card if purchased online. This pass does not include access to the Meidinger Splash Park and is non-transferable and non-refundable.

TRAC Youth Membership

This membership provides full access to the TRAC facility for one individual under the age of 21.  Children under the age of 9 must have an adult present and actively supervising your child.

Fitness Incentive Program


We participate in the NIHCA Rewards Fitness Incentive Program.  Check out the link below to learn how to get signed up and get reimbursed a portion of your TRAC membership fees.  Contact your insurance provider for more information or to see if your insurance participates in this program.

Cancellations and Suspensions

To cancel your membership, you will need to fill out our cancellation form located at our front desk or send an email to prior to the 1st of the month.  You also have the option to suspend your account if you have a medical reason or if you will be out-of-state for a period of time or have more than one place of residence. Suspensions must be approved by a supervisor and can only be done once a year. This information must also be presented in writing either at the front desk or via email prior to the first of the month in order to not be charged the next month’s membership fee.

Membership Assistance Program

Two Rivers Activity Center has created a fund to support our Membership Assistance (scholarship) Program. We are pleased to provide this program to support the cost of a TRAC membership for individuals and families that would not otherwise be able to afford membership. To learn more about the program or apply for membership assistance click here.