Your Journey Starts Here

We are excited to offer a wide range of health and fitness professionals here to help you reach your full potential.  Our coaches are committed to supporting you in achieving your fitness goals. They will develop a personalized fitness strategy tailored to your specific needs.

To begin your journey with any of our Coaches, please fill out an Interest Form at the front desk. This will help us to match you with a coach who will contact you to schedule your initial consult.

Initial Consult

An initial consult is required for each participant. The initial consult includes a review of your health history to determine if training is safe and appropriate for you at this time. We will also review your goals and determine what type of program is best for you. 


When it comes to results, research shows that it takes 6-8 weeks to see any noticeable changes from newly established nutrition and exercise habits. This is called the “stage of change”. To help ensure you see results and reach your “stage of change,” we’ve put together packages that provide discounted rates when you purchase 6 or 12 sessions at a time. Additionally, we know that when you have social support, you are much more likely to stay committed to your exercise goals. Therefore, we also provide discounted rates for personal training in groups of 2-4. Grab a friend and begin your journey today!

Personal Trainer/Health Coaches:

Lindsey Voeltz
Self-Defense Coach

What an honor to introduce myself as a trainer in the field of confident mindset and self-defense!  My name is Lindsey Voeltz.  I come to you with a background in teaching, as I’ve professionally been in the field of Education for the past fourteen years. Previously, I’d developed an interest in learning techniques of self-defense.  Adopting the skills and assuming the mindset of confidence/safety spurred me onward in the field to become a certified instructor in defensive tactics.


I’ve had the privilege of teaching a variety of learners in the realm of defensive tactics, from law enforcement to regular civilians.  My curriculum enables me to teach any combination of ground assault defense, edged weapon resistance, weapon disarmament, as well as general hits and strikes—but the main piece that I love teaching is the mindset for readiness.  Coaching groups of people in the mentality of confident safety and giving them the hands-on skills is such a rewarding experience.  It gives me such joy to see individuals growing as they advance through my courses!  Connecting with others of like mind and adopting the goal of confident safety is truly so powerful—I hope to connect with you soon in a class so that we can grow together.  Plus, it’s a great work-out!

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