Pool Rules

Pool Rules:


Always obey our lifeguards


  • Everyone must shower before entering pools.
  • All children under 9 must be under direct adult supervision.
  • No food or gum allowed in pool areas and locker room.
  • Water only in non-breakable bottles.
  • No glass containers.
  • Swim diapers required for anyone not fully potty trained.
  • Walk. Do Not Run.
  • Proper swim attire required:  no street clothes.
  • Feet first entries.  No Diving.
  • No rough or disruptive play.
  • Stay off walls and lane ropes.
  • Life jackets must fit properly and be Coast Guard approved.
  • Children wearing life jackets must be within arm’s reach of supervising adult at all times.  If your child is in the water, you must be too.
  • Return equipment to its proper place.
  • Anyone with an infection, open wound, sores or communicable disease shall not use the swimming pools.
  • Do not distract or visit with lifeguards.


Spa Rules:


  • Elderly persons, pregnant women, small children, and those with health conditions requiring medical care should consult a physician before using spa.
  • Long exposure may result in nausea, dizziness, or fainting.
  • Maximum exposure for youth 12 and under is 5 minutes.
  • Maximum capacity is 11.

TRAC reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the safety and the best interest of everyone.