Girls Basketball League Rules


1. Two 20 minute halves/NCAA Rules

2. Two full time outs per Half (no carryovers)

3. Jump Ball – Alternate Possessions

4. Running Clock – Except last two minutes of 2nd half only

5. Five personal fouls

6. Technical Fouls:

    • 1st technical – player sits out 10 minutes
    • 2nd technical – player sits out rest of game and next two games
    • 3rd technical – player is no longer in the league

7. Any team that does not give 24 hour notice of game cancellation must pay $50.00 referee fee. This fee must be paid before the beginning of the next week’s game.

8. Each team will have designated Team Manager who will be in charge of maintaining the roster and communicate with League Supervisor any roster changes or scheduling issues.

9. League Supervisor must approve any roster changes made before change is made. Playing without notifying the supervisor of roster changes will result in a forfeit.

10. No adding players to any roster after the 3rd week. League supervisor must approve any change requested after the third week.


League Supervisor – Tyler Falk (701-320-5645)


11. Teams may start the game with four players but not three.

12. Anyone fighting is automatic ejection from the league.

13. Overtime will be first team to score a point wins.

14. Numbers are required on all uniforms and must be the same color

15. Profanity is automatic technical foul (out 10 minutes)

16. Allowed to sub on dead ball situations only

17. No hat, caps, or bandanas worn during the game or on the bench

18. In case of a tie (head to head will be the tie breaker)

19. Running clock with the exception of last 2 minutes of 2nd half

20. First bottom space on a free throw is open and you can’t use the block

21. No jewelry (to include necklaces)

22. Players must appear in the three regular season games in order to be eligible for the League Tournament

22. Players under the influence must leave the gym and team will forfeit and be removed from the league.