ReOpening FAQ’s

Updated September 10, 2020


Can I place my account on suspend?

We offered members the ability to remain on suspend due to concerns regarding COVID-19 through August 31, 2020.  Memberships become active on September 1, 2020.


Will you be extending the dates on my membership if I paid for a year in full?

Yes, if you paid for your membership in full we will extend your membership to be active an additional 51 days (March 16 – May 5) to cover the dates we were closed.


Can I place my account on suspend if I paid a year in advance?

Yes, memberships that were paid for a year in advance do have the option of keeping their account on suspend until August 31st, 2020.  We will extend your membership the number of days we were closed (51 days) plus the number of days you keep your account on suspend.  If you would like your membership to remain on suspend until August 31st at the latest please email


Do I need my membership card?

All members must have membership card to scan in. Members will not be allowed to enter if they do no have their membership card.  Staff will not manually look them up to “check” them in.  Cards will be available for purchase by calling 701-952-8722 and we can print it off ahead of time for you.


Can I become member?

Yes! We offer tours at any time, just stop by and see everything we have to offer.  At this time we will be waiving the enrollment fee.  New members will only need to pay the prorated monthly membership fee for the month to become active.


Can I bring a guest with me?

Yes!  We are honoring the guest passes you have on your membership.  A Family membership has 5 guest passes per year, Individual, Youth and Senior have 3 guest passes per year.


Am I able to purchase a day pass?

Yes.  We are selling day passes.  We accept cash, check or credit card.


Are there any age restrictions?

We have reduced our age requirement back to 9 years of age.  Anyone under the age of 9 needs to be with a supervising adult when using our facility.  We ask people of all ages to be actively engaged in activities while here.  Please be respectful of physical distancing guidelines.


How long can I be in the facility?

Members and guests are encouraged to limit their time in the facility to 60-90 minutes.


What spaces are open?

Currently everything is open except the Sauna and Adventure Space.  We will be evaluating on a weekly basis additional areas to be opened.


Is the walking track open?

The track is available for walking only.  We are not allowing running on the track at this time.


Can we play a full court basketball game?

We encourage individual play but we will allow full court games if space allows.  We have basketballs, volleyballs, tennis racquets, etc. available for use but you are welcome to continue to bring your own. Please be respectful of other members/guests personal space.


Will Pickleball be set up at the same days/times for group play?

Two nets will be available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-11 am.  We offer racquets and balls available for use and you can play single or doubles!  JPRD has purchased equipment to open outdoor pickleball at Feton Park.


Will there still be basketballs/volleyballs for us to use?

Yes, we have sports equipment set out for members and guests to use. They will be disinfected daily.  We strongly encourage you to bring your own equipment for personal use.


Can I use the locker rooms?

Yes, all of the locker rooms are fully open.


When will fitness classes start?

Please see our current schedule for class offerings, these will be evaluated on a weekly basis.  We will continue to host group fitness classes virtually via Zoom and some in-person classes.  Registration is required for classes as spots are limited.  Sign up online or by calling the front desk at 952-8722.


Can I make purchases online?

Yes, memberships and programming can all be purchased online or over the phone by calling 952-8722.